Frequently Asked questions - japanese hair straightening

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1) What is Liscio Thermal Reconditioning?

Liscio Thermal Reconditioning is a technique that originated in Japan to make curly, wavy or frizzy hair, straight. The process uses both chemicals and heat to soften the bonds of the hair, reforming the bonds in a straight pattern. The end result is not only perfectly straight hair, but a glossy, smooth, and silky finish that is more healthy than before the process!

2) How long is the process?

A minimum of 4 hours.  It will take longer depending on the condition and length of the hair.

3) Can the process be done on color treated and/or highlighted hair?

It can be done on color treated hair and hair that has been highlighted up to 50%.

4) Can it be done on hair that has Henna color?

Liscio cannot be done on hair that has a Henna product or any other metallic dyes or color restorers. If you are unsure about a color you've used in the past, ask your stylist.

5) Can Liscio be done over a relaxer?

It cannot be done over hair that has been relaxed with products containing sodium hydroxide or any other metallic hydroxides. However, Liscio is compatible with other thio or cystine based relaxers.

6) How soon before or after the Liscio service can color be performed?

We suggest waiting a minimum of 2 weeks before or after having your Liscio service performed. However, we do not recommend home coloring and suggest having your hair professionally colored as special precautions need to be taken.

7) How long do I wait to shampoo?

Do not shampoo for 48-72 hours after the Liscio service.

8) Can I put my hair in a pony tail?

At least 72 hours after the Liscio service, do not put clips, pins, rubber bands, ponytails, or barrettes in the hair. Do not tuck hair behind the ears as well.

9) How long will Liscio last?

Once the hair has been thermally reconditioned with Liscio, it will remain straight until it grows out and/or is cut off. New growth generally needs to be redone anywhere from 4-6 months after.

10) Is all the hair redone when I get the new growth done?

Most times just the new growth is done and the previously done hair is protected with Keratin and protective cream products. If the hair reverts back, solution can be applied for a shorter period of time.

11) What do I shampoo and condition with at home?

We recommend Milbon Créde Ft shampoo and Créde Er treatment for home care. This will keep hair soft, silky and manageable.

12) How important is it to use the prescribed home care regimen?

Milbon's Créde Ft shampoo and Créde Er treatment have been specially formulated to enhance the soft and weightless feel of the hair, as well as maintain the manageability and silky feel. These products are designed to be used with the Liscio service and will maintain your beautiful, straight hairstyle. Because some shampoos and conditioners have adverse effects on the hair after it has been thermally reconditioned, it is very important to follow a strict routine with regard to shampoo and conditioner.

13) What is the cost?

Generally anywhere from $400 and up, depending on hair length, density and if any chemicals are present, as well as the stylists expertise.  Please make an appointment for a free consultation.

14) Is the cost less for a re-touch application?

Not usually as it takes the same amount of time or sometimes longer, as hair texture may now be different, and the previously processed hair needs to be protected. All hair must still be ironed and neutralized.

15) Can I swim in a pool or the salt water after?

Do not swim in a chlorinated pool or salt water for at least two weeks after your Liscio straightening. Also, you should avoid extensive sun exposure during this time.

16) What type of maintenance will I need to do at home?

The Liscio system will leave your hair smooth, and silky straight with little styling required. However, we do recommend blow drying the hair using a natural bristle brush and a downward drying motion to close the cuticle, and retain moisture in the hair.

17) What information do I need to disclose to my stylist before having the Liscio service performed?

You will want to tell your stylist about any color, perms, previous relaxers or other chemical services you have had done or performed in the past. It is important to tell your stylist, even if you can not still see the effect of the previous service or think it has grown out. You will also want to advise your stylist of any scalp conditions, irritations, abrasions and/or allergies.

18) What questions should I, as a client, ask my stylist during a thermal reconditioning consultation?

You should ask the stylist what products they use, and why. Education is important with any thermal reconditioning service, so you should also ask the stylist the amount of training they have received from the manufacturer of their product. Experience is another factor, so you may want to ask how long they have been performing the service. At Milbon, we certify each stylist who has been trained in the Liscio service, and you may ask to see this certification. Good communication between you and your stylist is very important.

19) How does Milbon's Liscio differ from other thermal reconditioning products?

Liscio is the Original and premier thermal reconditioning product in Japan, and now the United States. In a field with so many players, we realize it is often difficult for stylists and consumers alike, to separate the various products on the market. Milbon's Liscio thermal reconditioning service differs from the rest in two fundamental ways; The flexibility to customize each client's service to the condition and structure of each individual client's hair, and Milbon's complete commitment to professional education.

20) Why do most stylists choose Milbon's Liscio?

Milbon's Liscio gives each stylist the flexibility to customize every client's Liscio application. This allows for variations in the clients hair condition, porosity and texture. At a time when over 60% of American women have color treated hair, this flexibility and control is critical to the success of the thermal reconditioning service. Milbon's Liscio gives stylists the flexibility to accommodate not only virgin and single processed clients, but also those with multi-dimensional color and a variety of other hair applications.

21) Why Milbon?

Milbon creates hair products not just through R&D alone but, through close collaboration with its international professional salon customer base so that the customer will benefit from the stylists' ability to use Milbon's products for their specific needs. Milbon was the first manufacturer to receive Japanese governmental approval for its unique thermal reconditioning system. Milbon continuously strives to create and improve existing products that when used properly will help bring out your inner beauty so you will be more confident and self assured to take on life's challenges.